by Rie Qudan
Gazebo Books, 2024

Goodnight Tokyo
by Atsuhiro Yoshida
Europa Editions, 2024

The Rainbow
by Yasunari Kawabata
Vintage International, 2023
Penguin Classics, 2023

The Mud of a Century
by Yūka Ishii
Gazebo Books, 2023

The Forest Brims Over
by Maru Ayase
Counterpoint Press, 2023

Love at Six Thousand Degrees
by Maki Kashimada
Europa Editions, 2023

Touring the Land of the Dead
by Maki Kashimada
Europa Editions, 2021

If you have ever engaged a literary translator, you will know that a great translation is the melding of three distinct elements: an accurate final product, the subjective, sensitive judgement of an integrous creative writer, and most of all, trust.Successfully combined, these three elements not only address the requirements of the publisher, but also meet the needs of the original content creator, who wants their work to be faithfully and attentively translated, and the demands of the reader, seeking a fluent, pleasurable read.Drawing on my strong Japanese–English translation skills, linguistic expertise, and creative writing ability, I am experienced in satisfying all three stakeholders—consistently delivering highly readable translations that align with the original text, and that demonstrate more than just a literal transfer of meaning.Publishers in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States have recognized this nuance and my eye for detail, entrusting me to translate a range of works from Japanese to English with the key outcome being to deliver high quality English-language literature—a measure that I believe rewards the publisher in audience appeal, sales, and industry recognition, and the author in their professional reputation.I am excited by the prospect of what may come, and I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss a translation project.